15 June 2021
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Nick Mortimore


*1974  Zaria, Nigeria

1990 - 93 National Diploma in the Performing Arts Yeovil College England

1993 - 96 Batchelor of Arts - Dance Theatre at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, London

1994 Founder and artistic director of the Barriedale Operahouse Dance Theatre Company. 


Productions in England for; Bonnie Bird Theatre, The Place Theatre, Art House, Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), Greenwich Dance Agency, Portobello Festival, Chisenhale Dance Space, Yorkshire Dance, English National Ballet and English National Opera (studios). Productions in Vienna for; The Odeon, Die Theater, Tanz Quartier and Volksoper. Further afield Ergostasio Theatre in Athens and the Tacheles in Berlin.

Also as performer and collaborator for; Second Stride Dance Theatre Company, Rose’s Thoughts, Prosxima Dance Company, Daghdha Dance. Also known as movement therapist and father of four.

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